The PETA Council

The Councillors who run PETA are elected from the Member Companies and are the strategic planners of the organisation, guiding the business to the benefit of its Members.

PETA Council Officers
  • Nick Loader - Chair
    Chief Executive Officer - DP World Southampton

  • Elliot Seymour - Vice Chair
    Human Resources Director - Safran Helicopter Engines UK Ltd

  • Bob Hiskey - Chief Executive Officer
    PETA Ltd - Director

  • Judith Joslyn - Company Secretary
    PETA Ltd - Company Accountant

PETA Councillors
  • Mark Waring
    Managing Director - Mimtec Ltd

  • Kevin Rough
    Chief Executive Officer - Daniamant Ltd

  • Phil Deer
    Senior Learning and Development Manager - Whitman Laboratories Ltd

  • Simon Escott
    Managing Director - Portsmouth Aviation Ltd

  • Nick Iacobucci
    Managing Director - DKW Engineering Ltd

  • Stuart Wells
    Operations Director - Porvair Filtration Group Ltd

  • Corinne Johns
    HR Director - Raymarine UK Ltd

If you are a Member of PETA and would like to be elected to the Council, please contact us.

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