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Advisory and Consultancy Services

Our advisory and consultancy services are a great way to get support where and when you need it the most - and it doesn't increase your headcount!

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Safety, Health and Environment

Welcome to our selection of Safety, Health and Environmental courses.  These courses are all delivered at our Management Training and Conference Centre located just outside of Portsmouth and offers a comfortable environment in which to learn.

Our wide range of courses have been developed to cover the vast remit of safety, health and environment to support businesses in the implementation and management of their legal requirements and also ensuring people are sufficiently competent in their role.

Courses can also be delivered to groups of individuals on a company sponsored basis and at a location to suit.

NEBOSH Qualifications
(4 courses)

PETA has one of the highest pass rates for NEBOSH qualifications, well above the national average so if you are looking to study a NEBOSH qualification then look no further
See all NEBOSH Qualifications courses.

IOSH Qualifications
(6 courses)

Pass your IOSH qualifications with PETA,we have a pass rate that is well above the national average.
See all IOSH Qualifications courses.

First Aid
(5 courses)

Essential First Aid Skills in the workplace including Automated Debirillator Responder
See all First Aid courses.

OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001

Ongoing certification to these standards requires effective auditing and understanding of the requirements, these courses show you how.
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(2 courses)

Essential certification for those who work on engineering construction sites.
See all CCNSG courses.

Other Training
(23 courses)

General safety, health and environmental training to help with creating a safety-conscious workplace and workforce.
See all Other Training courses.

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