IT Networking and Systems - Advanced Apprenticeship

The Advanced Apprenticeship in IT Networking and Systems is ideal for those looking to progress in their career or to expand their IT skills.

This Apprenticeship will support you in learning about the wider implications of IT and support within business. You will develop your knowledge and practical skills in supporting systems management, networking and systems security. It will also
build on your knowledge and confidence in supporting IT system users.

During the Apprenticeship you will develop valuable experience with an employer by undertaking a real job with real pay. Throughout the programme you will receive guidance and support from both your employer and a PETA mentor to ensure you gain all the skills, knowledge and experience to progress in your chosen career.

Course Details

  • Location: On-the-job and some training at Cosham
  • Duration: 18 months
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On completion of the Apprenticeship you will achieve;

  • Diploma in ICT Professional Competence - Level 3
  • Certificate in ICT Systems and Peripherals - Level 3

Options following your Apprenticeship:

  • The Apprenticeship may turn into a permanent position
  • You could be offered a permanent position with an opportunity to undertake further specific work-related qualifications
  • With the experience gained, you may opt to find alternative employment
  • You might choose to continue your studies

Course Overview
Diploma in ICT Professional Competence – Level 3
  • Mandatory units
    • Health and Safety in ICT
    • Developing your own effectiveness and professionalism
  • Optional Units

    A range of optional choices that enable you to select those that are appropriate for the work you are doing and include units such as:
    • Systems operation
    • Software installation and upgrade
    • Technical advice and guidance
    • Testing ICT systems
    • Technical fault diagnosis
    • Working with ICT hardware and equipment
    • Remote support for products and or service
    • Customer care in ICT
    • Interpersonal and written communications
    • Systems management
    • User profile administration
    • Security of IT systems
Certificate in ICT Systems and Principles – Level 3
  • Testing ICT systems
  • Plan for the delivery of ICT support services and assist in the acquisition of ICT systems
Employee Rights and Responsibilities
  • Statutory rights and responsibilities
  • Procedures and documentation in your organisation
  • Source of information and advice
  • About your occupation and organisation
  • Occupations and career pathways
  • Representative bodies
Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Independent enquiry
  • Reflective learning
  • Effective participation
  • Self management
  • Team working
Functional Skills (if needed)
  • English
  • Maths
  • ICT


An Apprenticeship is all about learning on the job, there will be days where you attend our IT Training Centre located in Cosham to undertake the taught aspects of the programme.

Additional Information

To start this programme you need to be aged 16 or over, with 4 GCSE’s at grade C or higher including Maths and English or an Intermediate IT Networking and Systems Apprenticeship or other relevant Level 2 qualification.

Course Dates

Apprenticeships are available throughout the year and are dependent upon finding a suitable employer.

Don't forget PETA finds the employer for you!

So, check out the current vacancies that PETA has to offer on our Apprenticeships job page.

This is an Advanced Apprenticeship where the majority of the time is spent with an employer doing a real job.

PETA find real Apprenticeship opportunities which offer a real job, with real pay and real qualifications

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