The purpose of a Traineeship is to help you into an Apprenticeship or Job, it will focus you on developing those essential skills that employers are looking for and will give you that all important work experience that you need to demonstrate at your job interview. 

Traineeships are available for young people aged 16-18 (including young people with learning difficulty assessments up to age 25) who are not currently in a job and have little work experience, qualified below level 3 and have a strong desire to work.

Undertaking a Traineeship will give you:

Traineeships Portsmouth, Winchester

  • Fantastic work experience related to the career area you want to work in
  • A guaranteed interview with an employer
  • A reference following successful completion of the work experience
  • Improved confidence in presenting your application and selling yourself at the interview
  • A good understanding about working in the area of your choice
  • A greater opportunity at securing your dream Apprenticeship or job

Don't forget - we work with you to secure an Apprenticeship with the new skills you have learnt or you may gain full-time employment yourself either way you win!

Traineeship vacancies are listed alongside our Apprenticeship vacancies and in many cases Traineeships lead to an Apprenticeship and into successful full-time employment.

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