About Us

Who is PETA?

Aspire to learn, apply to advance

With over 50 years’ experience, PETA is Portsmouth's leading provider of corporate training, apprenticeships and consultancy services.

A pioneer in lifelong learning and career transformation, PETA specialises in training for today’s most in-demand professional, digital and technical skills.

Our award-winning training and apprenticeship programmes have helped thousands of businesses and individuals across the UK to reach their full potential.

What we do

PETA  provides high-quality corporate training, consultancy services and apprenticeships to businesses across the UK.

Whilst our background is in engineering, today we also specialise in providing training and services in digital/IT, health and safety, management and leadership, business improvement and more. 

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Why we do it

We want to provide those career transforming opportunities that help people grow in their confidence, careers and businesses.

Our mission is to accelerate personal growth and bring business prosperity to every customer by providing quality training in the most sought-after skills and qualifications.

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How we do it

PETA was built by local businesses, for local businesses. Today, we are run by an elected council made up from our member base of over 300 companies.

Our members help us shape the future of corporate training in business, which means that our courses, qualifications and apprenticeships are always relevant to the market and sought after by employers.

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