2016: A year for retaining top talent (or worryingly, are your staff planning to leave)?

New research from the Institute of Leadership and Management reveals that 32% of workers are actively seeking a new job in 2016.  From over 2000 people surveyed, 27% suggest there is nothing their current employer can do to keep them motivated.  Is that truly the case?  Interestingly, the reasons for seeking a new job are not salary driven, in fact the three top are: 

  • More progression (26%) 
  • More appreciation (17%) 
  • Career change (17%) 

As an employer, losing skills will result in a significant impact on your business performance and where people leave, this often creates a ripple effect with others following.  Nurturing skills, identifying your pool of talent and demonstrating a clear commitment to staff progression and role enrichment is the strategy to improve your staff’s motivation and commitment to you as an employer, showing visible appreciation for talent and providing a pipeline of skills and growth for the future.  Our most popular courses are driven by employers' desire to build the real skills that businesses need.    

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As employers we have to find the answer to retaining our top talent and this is where ILM training can come in.

PETA runs a number of courses designed specifically to address these issues and keep your top talent motivated and engaged with your business.

Top courses running in the next few months include:

25 February 2016 - Appraisal skills – creating effective training and developments plans, and uncovering your employees motivational factors

22 March 2016 - High performing teams–action planning and implementing team development

30 March 2016 - Practical Leadership skills–inspiring and leading

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