Geoff Ramm is back in Portsmouth

Geoff Ramm and Rachel O'Reilly

Geoff Ramm, author of ‘Celebrity Service’ and ‘Observational Marketing Greats’ is back in Portsmouth this February.

Geoff’s lively Marketing Seminars are applauded globally as giving a fresh insight into great marketing strategies. Back from recent speaking trips in Japan, Bulgaria and Italy he will be available in Portsmouth for one day only on 11 February. 

Known for his wit and obsession with customer service excellence, the internationally acclaimed speaker will be sharing his marketing insights with businesses in Portsmouth and asking them ‘What does the extra mile look like for your customers?’

Speaking after his seminar at PETA in October 2015, Debbie Hayman of Fugro Emu enthused “Geoff Ramm was hands down the best speaker I’ve seen”,  and Cherie Butler of BAE Systems snapped up copies of his books to take back to inspire her team.

Rachel O’Reilly of Portsmouth based, Morph PR and Marketing enthused “Geoff makes great marketing accessible to everyone. His focus on customer service is crucial to business success and he has lessons we can all learn from.”

The half day seminar will be running on 11 February 2016.

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