Congratulations to Ross Reardon - Winner of ICT Apprentice of the Year

Ross Apprentice of the year

Ross Reardon.  Ross is currently undertaking an Intermediate ICT Practitioner Apprenticeship at Gemalto Uk Ltd.

At Gemalto Ross provides 2nd and 3rd line support to businesses. This support includes user administration, upgrading/patches to core infrastructure, problem solving, database management and the provision of global support to ensure supported sites are Payment Card Industry compliant.

Ross chose the Apprenticeship route as he believed he would pick up the essential skills faster by learning on the job.  In addition he was keen for his contribution to help develop the business.

During his Apprenticeship he has been tasked with building a virtual simulator environment for a production machine. The test environment was needed to limit the disruption to production. Prior to implementing this approach it would have been necessary to free up a machine, which would slow production and have a direct impact on output.

Ross has also been involved in a significant upgrade ensuring Gemalto Fareham remain compliant with current standards and able to continue to produce.  During this process Ross upgraded software on production machines and maintained connectivity with the new system. On completion he had to ensure all previous functionality was available.

Ross has also looked into an ongoing quality assurance issue where the checkers used in the production process, produce inaccurate results. Due to errors changing from machine to machine, Ross used a method of replication to help identify each error on a case by case basis. Since starting on the project he has made the process reliable across all machines.

In addition to the skills above and a knowledge of several computer languages Ross’s self-confidence has grown considerably and has pushed him to develop new skills such as planning and how to approach different task and improve existing ones such as communication.  As Ross puts it I have learnt valuable life skills.

Ross’s manager said “Since starting with Gemalto, Ross has become a valued member of my team. He has worked hard to gain as much knowledge as he can about our business and continues to impress me in his work ethic.  He is able to tackle a large number of issues on his own and engages with his colleagues when his knowledge is exhausted. Ross is quick to pick up new information and is able to ask questions that allow him to fully understand the problem or system he is working on.

“Ross has clearly shown that he can complete his Apprenticeship work in a timely fashion and with a high degree of content impressing both his assessor and me in how quickly he was able to complete his units and how professional the standard of work was. Ross has started to take on more modules as part of his apprenticeship so he can further broaden his knowledge base and skill set. 

“Although Ross is by nature a shy person, he has pushed himself to engage with all levels of people in the business. His analytical approach to work is one of his true strengths and will aid him greatly in his career progression. A fantastic, hardworking and all round great guy.”

Ross volunteers at his local triathlon club, where he has become a role model to young athletes who look to him for advice and guidance.  Ross would advise that similar to triathlon, being an apprentice requires you to be dedicated, hard-working and adaptable. He now intends to use these characteristics as he advances through his apprenticeship and works towards his long term goal of achieving a project management role within Gemalto.

Good Luck Ross you are off to a flying start!

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