The great ‘cheese’ escape!

We often hear about the negative impact of poor health and safety in business so it is inspiring to hear about an incident that could have led to very severe consequences yet actually ended on a positive note with no major injuries caused.

Recently a Lift Truck operator in a Shropshire company spent eight hours trapped under a mountain of cheese, when the huge racking system in the warehouse collapsed.

To locate him under the mountain of bent racking and cheese, firefighters used a drone and then cut a hole in the side of the building to rescue him.

Given the severity of the racking collapse, astonishingly, he walked away uninjured!  It is believed that the protective cage on his truck saved him, as had he jumped from the lift truck, the outcome could have been so different.

The incident will of course require a full investigation as prevention is the far better solution.

In a materials handling environment, skills in lift truck operating, racking inspection and risk assessments are absolutely essential to your risk control measures. We offer a range of services from training Lift Truck operators (from novice to refresher and instructor), Racking Safety Inspection and Risk Assessment courses, Lift Truck operator assessment through to our Safety Advisory Service.   

Read details of this incident on BBC online

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