From Apprentice to Apprentice Employer at Maincoms

Lance Gearing, (left) is nurturing the future of his business Maincoms, with Apprentice Harry Caple, (right).

Lance Gearing’s career choices are not only inspiring to young people newly entering the workplace, but directly impact their career prospects.

Lance started as a PETA Apprentice in 1994 at Telequip, which was then acquired by TalkTalk in order to offer telephone system installation services. This increased the headcount from eight to 50 staff, a number that doubled when TalkTalk was in turn acquired by AOL.

Lance was instrumental in selling the new telephone network acquisition which earned him awards and some great memories.

“At the time there was so much business to be had – It was brilliant – Good times!” beamed Lance.

Eventually, redundancy loomed as AOL telecoms engineering was outsourced, but Lance’s entrepreneurial spirit lifted him and his new business partner Steve Medway up to greater heights as they started their new adventure founding Maincoms.

Maincoms provides communication solutions to all businesses from new start ups to corporates. They are experts in telephony services including business broadband, lease line connectivity, hosted, on-site solutions, multi-site installations, call recording and more. In conjunction with their telephony services, they deliver website design, management and search engine optimisation.

They made their new company profitable in the first two years and then realised their plan to recruit more engineers in years three and four.

They have now recruited four engineers and two sales people as business is still growing and have now moved into the TalkTalk office premises where Lance started as a PETA Apprentice 23 years ago!

Part of Maincoms’ vision is to sell more hosted phone systems which operate through the internet using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP.)  This service allows small businesses to appear big and professional as they grow gradually as it offers a per user cost model.

This is where the current generation of PETA Apprentices fit in to the Maincoms plan, supplying a backbone of skills futureproofing and retention. With PETA’s highly customised programme of training created as a direct response to employer needs, Maincoms can rest assured that their small investment in young talent will allow them to push into new markets and rely on the dedicated support within current income generating areas.

PETA Apprentice Harry Caple has an advantageous grasp of new technologies.

Harry Caple­­­­ is a great example, firstly gaining an ICT BTEC at PETA, and now in his second year as a PETA IT Practitioner Apprentice, programmes telephones remotely, across  the internet  to have an “instant failover” back up, ensuring customers don’t miss a call if the internet cuts out. This is a new market that Maincoms is keen to grow, and Harry’s insight and his grasp of new technologies and methods that he brings to his company help to give Maincoms a competitive edge, an important factor in today’s huge communications sector.

PETA ICT Trainer and Assessor Andrew Worth has been instrumental in nurturing Harry’s talent and business acumen: “He’s a great asset to Maincoms and should be justly proud of his achievements so far. He has fought his way through some difficult life challenges and has emerged stronger, readily embracing an exciting career in this ever changing industry. Harry is a credit to his fellow Apprentices who are discovering that an Apprenticeship is a solid and financially safe career option that is putting them ahead of their debt-burdened peers yet to graduate from Universities, with no guarantee of employment. Simply put, Harry is ahead of the game!”

PETA Apprentice Harry Caple is a credit to his fellow Apprentices.




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