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Fire – nobody expects it to happen but if it does, the speed at which it can spread is shocking.  The damage to your people, your premises, your reputation and the impact to your business is huge.  Some businesses may never recover from the long term disruption.

A Fire Risk Assessment is your positive first step in recognising the risks and determining the measures to adopt, to minimise the risk of a fire occurring in the first instance. 

In the event a fire should break out, then swift and safe evacuation of your premises is essential to getting your people away from the source of harm.

 How confident are you that your business has suitable and sufficient fire risk assessments and staff who know what they need to do in the event of a fire?  PETA have a selection of training courses that can help to minimise your risks.  We also offer our Safety Advisory Service that provides a flexible range of options; anything from completion of individual fire risk assessments to a full survey of your workplace and your provision for fire safety.

Fire Risk Assessment

This course offers a sound introduction to the principles of recognising the risk of fire and understanding the practical steps you can implement to reduce those risks.

Next Course:  23 May 2017


NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management

 This nationally accredited course is ideal for those conducting and managing fire risk assessments.   Backed up by a national certificate, it offers more depth in learning about how to manage and control fire risks in business.

Next Course: 16 March 2017


Fire Wardens 

This course is for employees designated to act in a fire or emergency situation, to ensure that premises are evacuated quickly and safety.

Next Course:  17 February 2017



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