Diploma in Engineering -starting January 2017

Peter Van Daal, 19, is a Manual Turner at Precision Products Portsmouth, studying an Advanced Apprenticeship in Mechanical Manufacturing.

How did you end up in this job?

Peter had studied Creative Media at Southdowns College but didn’t enjoy the classroom based learning as he felt it was “like still being at school”.

His friend Kyle, who works for H+S Aviation, recommended he register with PETA and told him about Machining. Two more of Peter’s friends had also told him about the training on offer at PETA Engineering Centre.

Peter had always been interested in making things and decided to enrol on the Learner Study Programme (LSP) at PETA. Peter found the course was more suited to his learning style and was able to start working part time at B&Q halfway through the course.

During the Engineering course Peter learnt how to operate the machines and use measuring equipment.

Peter said: “Everything that I learnt is something that I will use in my career. The PETA engineering centre is more like a workplace than a college, I feel like we are treated like adults rather than students. I got on really well with my tutor Ian who taught us everything we needed to know, I’ve never asked a question he didn’t know the answer to.”

Smaller classes were definitely beneficial, it was easier to talk to the instructor and get help when you needed it. It was also easier to talk with the people in the class as it was a small group.

I think that doing the course and working at B&Q together helped me to understand how to act in the workplace. The work placement helped me realise that I definitely wanted to work in machining.”

After being accepted onto an Apprenticeship at Precision Products Portsmouth, the company has supported him in doing his level 3 Apprenticeship, they have also brought him a tool box and the tools he needed for the job.

The world of work:

Everyone in Peter’s class all went on to an Apprenticeship or a job.

“I feel it’s hard for young people to be prepared for the world of work straight from school, but PETAs course has made me well prepared. The work experience was very valuable to the programme as I feel this helped me confirm the area of engineering I wanted to work in.

Peter has already recommended PETA to his friends - not just for engineering but also for PETA's IT and Business Administration Courses.

The future:

“I would like to learn CNC to help with my progression in the future. I will definitely still be an engineer.”

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