‘I got the job’ - Michael Adesanya, 19 from Waterlooville


Michael Adesanya explains how the Engineering Diploma at PETA has helped him get his first job.

When I finished my college course I applied for some Apprenticeships but was not successful. I then heard about PETA and attended PETA’s initial assessment day for Apprenticeships and after discussing my ambitions with them, I was offered a place on their Engineering Diploma course. I thought the study programme was a good practical course that would give me the skills to make me more attractive to employers.

I started on the machining programme learning to use the lathes and mills, the course also gave me the opportunity to learn hand fitting techniques. These all meant that machining and toolmaking employers would see I have relevant skills. I have always enjoyed practical activities like making things and saw this training as something I would enjoy.

I studied and trained at PETA two days a week, this allowed me and to find paid work on the other days when I wasn’t at PETA. This meant that I could still afford to go out with my friends at weekends.

I learnt really useful skills like reading engineering drawings, I also learnt to set up mills and lathes. I can set up tools, select feed and speeds, hold raw material using chucks, and vices to machine and finish parts in a variety of materials. I also gained the knowledge linked to my practical activities, allowing me to understand the properties of materials and machining processes.

"Meeting new people and working as a team with the other students helped me develop as a person, I improved my communication and interpersonal skills. I now find it much easier to meet people and talk to them."

I found the instructors approachable, they are all experts in their field who were always willing to spend time with the class making sure we all learnt and understood. Being in a small group helped me to learn quickly and allowed us to do other machining outside of the standard programme.

My tutor Ian was knowledgeable about all aspects of machining especially milling and turning, he was able to challenge us and help us to develop new skills. If I had a problem or something went wrong, Ian was always on hand to help me.

The skills I learnt meant that I became of interest to Nolato Jaycare. The engagement team at PETA took time to discuss the role at Nolato with me so I could understand what was expected of me. They also discussed with the company my strengths and helped make my work experience there a success. When I was at Nolato I was able to complete my work to a good standard and more quickly than they expected. The company said they were surprised at my skill levels, the whole experience at Nolato was great.

The work experience at Nolato helped me understand what toolmaking was as a job. It helped me become aware of what working at the company was like, I met the people I would be working with and I learnt how to use imperial machinery and units of measurement. If I hadn’t got offered an Apprenticeship I would have got a good reference and something worthwhile to add to my CV anyway.

"As it happened, doing the course at PETA provided me with skills and knowledge that impressed my placement employer enough to offer me an Apprenticeship with them. I am currently continuing my learning at the PETA Engineering Centre to develop my skills further before starting full-time at Nolato Jaycare in February."

PETA is running a new Engineering Diploma course starting January 2017 - find out more here Engineering Diploma

Engineering Diploma

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