Dealing with Annoying People and keeping your Sanity

Are you ever driven to the edge of distraction by others?

The office distractor . . . each day they waste valuable time stirring up emotions, berating others and their shortcomings rather than addressing their own. It is frustrating, yet it is difficult to take that first step in challenging such behaviours even though deep down, you know how much impact on a harmonious and productive team this is causing.

Learning how to cope with such people is a life skill that can come in handy in many situations, personally and professionally. Our one day course on 16 January offers a truly fresh perspective and delivers the knowledge to help you develop the skills to deal constructively with annoying people at work:

· Learn to recognise the situation exists
· Strategies for handling difficult people that work
· Confidence to deploy the right tactics to achieve the right outcome

Through interactive exercises, discussions and action planning, you can develop your skills in a safe environment and learn strategies that can help you manage those more challenging relationships!

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