Bread maker fined £2million after worker hospitalised due to fall

The Crown Court heard how on 11 November 2013 an employee was cleaning one of the mixing machines at the bakery, a routine job he carried out every few weeks, when he lost his footing and fell nearly two-meters. He was unable to continue in his old role and was dismissed in December 2015 after a long period of sick leave.

HSE inspector Mahesh Mahey said “This case highlights how important it is for companies to fully assess the risks from work activities at height and to take appropriate action to prevent injury in the workplace. This should have been prevented, falls from height is one of the biggest killers in the workplace and even falls from fairly low levels can be extremely dangerous. Mr Sears life has been changed forever but his injuries could have been more severe.”

The Working at Heights regulations 2005 requires employers to carry out a risk assessment where there is potential for a fall, above, at or below ground level.  PETA’s half-day Working at Heights course provides sound guidance to those who may be required to work at height, manage others working at height or required to conduct risk assessments, with the knowledge and understanding of the risks and controls to reduce the potential for harm.

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