Do you provide excellent customer satisfaction?

Your goal should be to provide exceptional customer service with each and every interaction. If you leave your customers with a feeling that makes them think – “I couldn’t get that type of service from any other company”, they will become a loyal promoter of your business. Existing, loyal customers are one of the best selling assets for any organisation and one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing there is today.

If you want your staff to ensure every interaction with a client is maximised by adding truly exceptional customer service, this one day course will kickstart that process.

Course Overview

  • What does good customer service look like?
  • Defining what exceptional customer service looks like through the customer service experience
  • Understand the different approaches to the customer relationship
  • Logical / intuitive approaches
  • Creating the wow factor
  • Recognising how effective communication and service impact the customer experience
  • Looking at a different approach to the way we do things and adding value to customer interactions
  • Selecting the right method of communication to hit the mark with the customer every time

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