Why apprenticeships are great for building business


Ben Taylor, Carrera

Ben Taylor, Director at Carrera UK Ltd, tells us why apprenticeships are great for building business.

Carrera UK Ltd. is an IT Company based in Portsmouth, and have partnered with PETA on their IT Apprenticeship programme since 2013.

PETA: What made you decide to employ apprentices?

Ben: We wanted to give young people the opportunity to get a qualification, start a great career and earn some income at the same time.

PETA: What is the best thing about employing apprentices?

Ben: By employing apprentices we can ensure that the apprentices are trained to fit our business needs perfectly and we can introduce them to working life, giving them the best possible start in their career.

PETA: What would you say to other companies thinking about recruiting an apprentice?

Ben: We would strongly recommend recruiting and employing apprentices. The process is very easy to manage, especially when working alongside a training organisation like PETA.

For more information about employing an apprentice, you can call our apprenticeships team on: 023 92538700 or e-mail enquire@peta.co.uk or read more FAQ about apprenticeships 

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