Investing in a generation

We are delighted to announce that PETA has joined the 5% club

AT PETA we believe in investing in the next generation and to prove our commitment to this we have joined the 5% Club. The 5% Club is a commitment from employers to have at least 5% of their workforce recruited as apprentices, sponsored students and graduates within 5 years of joining the club.

The 5% Club was founded in 2013 by Leo Quinn, CEO, Balfour Beatty, to address the issue of youth unemployment and the shortage of much-needed skills in the workplace.  The club was created to encourage employers of all sizes around the UK in varying industries to increase their ‘earn as you learn’ training opportunities, therefore improving people’s employability skills and helping to secure the future of the UK’s economy.

We are proud members.

Find out more about the 5% Club.

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