Fareham Academy ICT Team excel with PETA Apprenticeships

Steve Griffith, the ICT Network Manager at Fareham Academy, has built his specialist ICT team using a progressive apprenticeships programme in partnership with PETA. Steve's ICT team supports both staff and students within the school, with all of their IT requirements. Steve's team are responsible for research and implementation of new technologies, as well as troubleshooting any emerging IT issues at the school.

Steve has built a highly skilled team comprising; Sam Chowdhury, IT Support Technician and former PETA Apprentice at the Thorndean School, Lily Jones and Dan Burckitt who have completed their Level 3 IT Application Specialist Apprenticeships. In addition, Lily and Dan continue to work for Steve whilst studying as apprentices on the new Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Standard.

What made you decide to employ apprentices, Steve?

We had used PETA in the past for IT apprentices, which proved to be very successful. Over the last couple of years the IT department within the school began to take on more marketing based work and so we decided that apprentices would be a good addition to the department to assist with this emerging area of work. Lily and Dan both joined the school as Social Media and Marketing apprentices in 2016, Sam joined us in 2015 after completing his apprenticeship with PETA.

What is the best thing about employing apprentices?

Everything the apprentices do helps towards their portfolio whilst assisting the needs of the school. The initial consultation with PETA helped fine-tune the requirements. The apprentices have the benefit of gaining a very good understanding of the work that’s required from both the school and PETA.

What would you say to other companies thinking about recruiting an apprentice?

I would recommend the recruitment of apprentices to any company. Every apprentice I’ve worked with has brought enthusiasm and a high level of professionalism to the role they have taken.

I am very proud of the team we have at the Academy, all of which have been guided within their chosen career by PETA. It’s been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to assist with this and to help develop their skills whilst working at the school.

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