Gemma tells us about why she thinks apprenticeships are the way forward

gemmaGemma Loader from Bedhampton studied at Crookhorn College of Technology (school) and South Downs College before becoming a business admin apprentice 

What made you choose an apprenticeship?

I chose an apprenticeship because it gave me the opportunity to train and earn at the same time. I knew I didn’t want to continue studying full time at university and was very eager to get into the workplace.

What was your favourite thing about being an apprentice?

My favourite thing about being an apprentice was the variety of work I was given. This enabled me to gain skills and knowledge in different areas of the business and helped me to decide which field I wanted to go into.

What’s the best bit of the job/ what do you feel proud of and why?

I feel proud of all the valuable skills and experience I gained throughout my apprenticeship. This lead to me getting a new job as an Accounts Assistant shortly after my apprenticeship had finished. I now work for a company called who are based in North Harbour. They are helping me to train in my chosen field of Accountancy and said that I was picked for the position over the other candidates because of the previous experience I had that I could bring to the job role.

What did you buy with your first pay-cheque?

I didn’t actually buy anything- I put it into my house fund savings! When I got a Saturday job at fifteen I remember I saved my wages for 3 months until I had enough to buy the latest Apple iPod which had come out at the time.

Would you recommend apprenticeships and if so why?

I would definitely recommend apprenticeships because they give you such valuable experience that you can take into any workplace. After College I was unsure of what I wanted to do and my apprenticeship gave me the chance to work in all different areas of the business and helped me to decide which field I wanted to go into.

What is your greatest achievement?

After winning the PETA Apprentice of the Year - Best in Class for Business Award in 2017, I went on to win the GTA England Apprentice of the Year National Award for Business Services in March 2018 which is my greatest achievement. I was so surprised to even be selected as one of four finalists out of 12,500 business apprentices. As a year 1 Apprentice, to be a finalist in the GTA England Apprentice of the Year Awards was such a great opportunity. Not only being able to attend the awards ceremony but actually winning an award was wonderful and something I will never forget.

Where would you like to go next in your career?

I am currently training to be an Accountant. I have just completed the AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting (level 3) and will be starting level 4 in September.

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