Carrie shares why she chose an apprenticeship over college

What made you choose an apprenticeship?

The College/school format wasn’t right for me. I wanted a much more hands-on experience than sitting and listening for 6 hours, to a teacher who is desperately trying to relate to the class but getting nothing but disrespect, surrounded by disinterested students who would rather disrupt the flow of the lesson than learn and grow. I was learning the same thing with a different dressing every day and I knew that nothing was going in. I knew the only way to get anywhere with my education was to get out of the classroom and do it.

Where would you like to go next in your career?

I would like to move on to a new company, to learn more about the marketing industry. 

What was your favourite thing about being an apprentice?

My favourite thing about being an apprentice was trying everything. Everyone trained me in their area of marketing. I’ve covered video, TV, Events, Content creation, script writing, design, copywriting, and other things contributing to magazines, PR and so much more.

What’s the best bit of the job/ what do you feel proud of and why?

The best bit of my job is seeing my work in action. I love seeing the numbers in the back end of the website and knowing that 100+ people have read my article. I love knowing that my design attracted an audience. 

What did you buy with your first pay-cheque?

I walked into Smyths where I used to work and bought myself a Nintendo Switch for Christmas, and I started saving for a Disney holiday to Florida.

Would you recommend apprenticeships and if so why?

I definitely would and have recommended an apprenticeship to any friends who are stuck for choice. I think learning through experience is the best way to learn and you don’t get the same experience with college and university. You may have placement days with uni but they’ll treat you as the temporary kid. Placement days won’t see you through the same nitty-gritty tasks as working in the same place for 15 months.

What is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement at work is changing the design of the thumbnails in my first week. I have continued to be proactive from that point and feel great every time I get praise from proactivity.

Anything else you want to say?

To anyone coming from college or school into an apprenticeship; the change is hard. It’s not easy to go from seeing all of your friends every day, to work while they’re on summer holiday. It’s a very big leap but eventually, everyone has to take it. All you’re doing is taking that leap before them. It’s a very mature step to take and it may be hard but people will look up to you and you will have an amazing experience. Taking that step will be the best thing you’ve ever done. Personally, I was left with a few amazing friends and the opportunity for so many more to be made at work. My friends told me that they were very impressed and proud to have seen me break off from the college crowd and do what I wanted. If you’re worried about the difference between school and work, remember that it’s going to happen eventually, you’re just getting there first.

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