Take advantage of this summer's top talent

Discover the hottest talent for your business - School leavers with good GCSEs

Does your organisation attract the best achievers?  With our help to write a persuasive job advert, you can recruit the ideal apprentice to join your team with many having experience and skills ideal to help them contribute to your business quickly and effectively.

Top Apprenticeship Skills

To be an effective employee even as an Apprentice requires some foundation skills. Our training programmes build on:

  • English and communication skills – to be able to use language to write emails, keep records and speak to customers
  • Maths and technical problem-solving skills – to be able to competently work with figures including costs, quantities and records 
  • IT knowledge and application – the ability to use a range of software and communication media 
  • Good interpersonal skills – with the confidence and willingness to learn and enthusiasm to do a good job



We provide off-the-job training to develop the apprentice's skills, that compliments the on-the-job training from your organisation - It’s a winning partnership!

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