Kali - "Apprenticeships are more valuable because they allow you to gain work experience"


Kali, from Gosport, chose an apprenticeship because she realised that A'levels were not for her. 

"I feel that apprenticeships are more valuable because they allow you to gain work experience whilst learning new skills and gaining a qualification at the end of it.

Where would you like to go next in your career?

"In the future I’d like to see myself progressing through the company and working my way up the ladder and eventually being in a management role."

What was your favourite thing about being an apprentice?

"My favourite thing about being an apprentice is that I have more responsibilities because I am now working full time, which is a good thing. As well as this I like how apprenticeships allow you to gain qualifications on top of working."

What’s the best bit of the job/ what do you feel proud of and why?

"I like everything about my job, even the boring bits! The best bit of my job is being able to gain new skills, build upon my current skills and earning experience."

What did you buy with your first pay-cheque?


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