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Elaine Kling-Moger
Management Coach


Elaine joined PETA almost two years ago as a Management Coach in the Management and General Training team. A CIPD qualified professional, Elaine has over 20 years’ experience in management roles; her most recent one as Training and Capability Manager for a large supermarket chain.

Taking the lead in delivering PETA’s CMI Management Apprenticeship programmes, her learners have achieved a clean sweep of distinction grades due to her diligence, commitment and support to the learner journey and experience. Several of her apprentices over the last year or so have even gone onto win multiple awards for their achievements.

What does your role involve?

As a Management Coach for the CMI Management Apprenticeships including the Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor and the Level 5 Operation Manager course, I induct learners onto the course and brief them on what they will be expected to complete during their programme. For example as part of the overall apprenticeship, they will need to complete a CMI diploma, a portfolio and any functional maths and English skills they are lacking.

I always ensure that the learners fully understand what they are taking on and that they are committed to completing and succeeding on the programme. I visit the apprentices every six weeks at their place of work, assess them and make sure that they are meeting their targets. If they have a wobble, which some will from time to time, I support them and encourage them to find their way through the challenging times.

What is your coaching style?

I would say I have a contemporary style to my coaching. I completely get that everyone has a life outside of their learning and I recognise the importance of having empathy with whatever my learners are experiencing. A lot of the time, I simply listen. I explain things to them and often give them a different perspective.

I draw upon my own experiences to put them at ease and I know when to stop pushing. Of my nine learners that have completed their End Point Assessments so far, there are nine distinctions, so the proof is in the pudding. My focus is the learner; I want them to learn and develop. I’m there to support them towards finding the right path; I guide them, but they have to actually find it for themselves.

What past experience do you draw upon?

I’ve held senior management roles for the past 18 years. My previous employer had excellent training in place and I benefited greatly from that. The skills I left with were amazing and I’ve got so much experience to draw upon when coaching. I’m a natural leader and I want to pass that onto others and encourage them to make strong decisions and support them all the way through.

What will your learners take away at the end of their programme?

They will emerge trained to a nationally-recognised level of management. They will have learned about organisational culture; how the company that they’re working for does things and what is expected of them, so it will be easier for them to transition smoothly into their post-apprentice role.

They will have gained a range of transferable skills and an Apprenticeship including the highly respected CMI Diploma, which is a qualification that they can take with them should they choose to move on.

What’s your most memorable career achievement?

It really is all about the learners for me. I am especially proud of two of my students, who have really excelled themselves. Louise Gandar was named the overall winner at PETA’s Apprentice of the Year Awards in March, while Jess Goodyear was a category winner in the same awards last year and runner up in the GTA England Apprentice Awards in February this year as well.

Why is PETA such a good place to work?

PETA is a very family-orientated place and as an employee you are truly valued. You’re listened to and your opinion really matters, you’re not just a number. The team spirit is great, everyone pulls together to do the best for our learners and customers at all times.

What do her students say about her?

“Elaine was my Management Coach and has been instrumental during the past 14 months of my CMI Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship. She not only visited me every few weeks to guide and support me, but she was also available outside of this for any questions I had. Her genuine interest in my well-being and progress on this course has aided me in completing all assignments on time and gave me the confidence to push myself and achieve a distinction in the End Point Assessment. Elaine has a very professional attitude and cares about her cohorts; she takes pride in helping each person and adapts her approach to suit each learner’s need. She is an absolute asset to PETA and I will request her as my Management Coach in the future when I complete my Level 5 CMI Operations Manager Apprenticeship.”

Vikki Bacchioni MIRP CertRP
Principal Consultant (Shore-based Maritime) - Advanced Resource Managers

“Elaine is friendly, caring, knowledgeable and encouraging, and her support during my CMI Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship was invaluable. She was always available to answer queries and concerns and suggested a number of techniques to help me cope with the pressure and workload. She seemed to know from the beginning that I would achieve a distinction and thanks to her commitment, I somehow proved her right! I would highly recommend Elaine.”

Clair ThomsonGroup Solutions Manager at STR Group

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Photo: Elaine (right) pictured with Louise Gandar

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