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An apprenticeship is a practical route into the career you want. They offer the chance to gain on-the-job training, alongside valuable qualifications that will stand you in good stead for the future. And what’s more, you’ll get paid to learn!

PETA offers a wide range of apprenticeships and is well-known in the Portsmouth area and beyond as a provider of high quality programmes that will help learners emerge at the end as fully skilled employees. They work with over 400 Apprentices each year, securing opportunities for jobs with local businesses.

They are ideal for school leavers as well as more mature candidates looking for a career change and many of the programmes are tailored to meet the needs of the learner, role or employer. Above all, PETA is a flexible training provider with a dedicated team of staff who will go above and beyond to ensure you succeed.

Recognising achievement

PETA supports apprentices and employers in nominations for national awards geared towards recognising the achievements of apprentices across the country. PETA also holds their own annual awards ceremony; The Alex Zemenides Apprentice of the Year. At the ceremony, four category winners are announced (Business, Engineering, IT and Management) and then one of those four winners is awarded the overall accolade.

What’s in it for me?

Benefits for employers:
  • Take on new employees in a cost-effective way
  • Build your skills, pipeline and succession plan (vital in a market where skills are in demand)
  • Train your new employee in the way you want them trained and in the areas you require them to be skilled in
  • Utilise your Apprenticeship Levy to fund the apprenticeship training and qualifications
  • If you are not subject to the Levy, access co-investment funding from government for 95% of the costs of the apprenticeship
  • Apprentices value employers' investment in them and generally have a high level of loyalty and good work ethic
Benefits for apprentices:
  • Get paid to learn
  • A wide range of apprenticeship subject areas and job roles to choose from
  • Choose a job that interests you, then receive training tailored to enable you to fulfil the role
  • Get extensive, hands-on experience
  • Gain valuable qualifications that will look great on your CV
  • Receive considerable support from your employer as well as your PETA trainer

What subjects do PETA offer?

Management and Leadership
Safety, Health and Environment

What does a PETA apprenticeship involve?

All PETA apprenticeships consist of a mix of work-based and in-centre taught learning. The majority of the apprenticeships offered are Level 3 programmes, although Levels 2, 4 and 5 are available across some subjects. The duration of the programmes vary from 13 to 24 months.

Each apprenticeship has an induction period, which varies from programme to programme. As an apprentice you will come into one of our Portsmouth Training Centres for your induction, which could be a one-day event or a block period, to familiarise yourself with your apprenticeship programme and our centres where you will undertake the majority of your formal learning.

Learners will complete a varied range of tasks as set by the assessment plan for the standard. These could include elements such as a portfolio, project, test (practical or online), discussion, presentation or witness statements. Some apprentices will be required to complete functional skills units such as English and maths depending on qualifications already held and the requirements of each programme.

Each learner will have a dedicated PETA Coach to support them through their programme. This coach will visit them in their workplace approximately every six weeks throughout the programme to assess their progress and aid their learning.

The final part of the journey is End-Point Assessment (EPA), so once all aspects of the apprenticeship have been finalised, the learner will enter EPA, which could take between six to twelve weeks to complete.

A word from one of our apprentices…

Engineering apprentice Rebecca Bovington of Safran, an international high-technology group, won the engineering category award at PETA’s Young Person of the Year 2019. She said: “I decided to become an apprentice because I wanted a practical approach into engineering, something more hands-on. There are so many learning opportunities and to get paid for that as well is just great.”

Come along to our Apprenticeship Open Day on Saturday 22 June to find out more.

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