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Forklift truck training

With National Forklift Safety Day taking place this week (11 June), it highlights the importance of investing in high quality, accredited training for all staff operating forklift trucks to ensure the safety of your drivers and those around them.

An estimated 8,000 reported accidents involving the use of forklift trucks occur in the UK each year, with some of these resulting in fatalities. Many of these accidents are caused by a lack of sufficient training of the operator, a lack of knowledge about the equipment and the working environment, bad truck maintenance and unsuitable premises in which forklift trucks are used.

National Forklift Safety Day serves as an opportunity for forklift manufacturers to highlight the safe use of forklifts, the importance of operator training and the need for daily equipment checks. After completing forklift operator training, operator performance scores improved by 61%, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The critical need for and proven effectiveness of training will be one of the key messages at the sixth annual National Forklift Safety Day, held by the Industrial Truck Association (ITA).

PETA is an accredited organisation for the delivery of lift truck training courses, from novice through to advanced and instructor level. Training can either take place within our dedicated lift truck training facility located in Cosham, Portsmouth, or at the company’s premises. Opting for training at PETA’s facility will provide quality time away from the workplace to learn and practise your driving skills, whilst going for on-site training will enable you to learn in familiar surroundings.

We offer the following courses:

Counterbalance Novice / Reach Novice
Suitable for new operators of counterbalance / reach trucks, this course will ensure that participants are qualified to a national standard as recommended by the HSE. They will be trained to safely operate the truck as well as carry out thorough user checks prior to operation and learn the correct loading and stacking procedures.

Counterbalance Refresher / Reach Refresher
Aimed at operators who have held a current certificate of competence for 3-5 years and need to refresh their skills in accordance with the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice and Guidance L117. This course is designed to provide an update on current methods and legislation related to safe practice.

Counterbalance Experienced / Reach Experienced
Ideal for operators who have at least six months’ experience in operating lift trucks, this course will build on that practical experience by providing a refresher on best practice to reduce the potential for accidents or incidents. They will also be updated on changing legislative requirements to promote continued compliance.

Counterbalance to Reach Conversion / Reach to Counterbalance Conversion
This course is designed for experienced operators who need to develop the skills and competence to switch between reach and counterbalance trucks or from counterbalance to reach. They will learn the key differences between the safe operation of the two trucks and will be able to effectively apply the Operators' Safety Code and be aware of their legal responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Managing Lift Truck Operations
Aimed at those with the responsibility for lift truck operations and operators, this course will provide an understanding of their statutory responsibilities with regard to managing operations within their working environment. They will learn to recognise the importance of leading best practice with lift truck activities and be able to recognise potential hazards and identify precautions to improve health and safety management.

ITSSAR Lift Truck Instructor Novice  / Requalification
Larger organisations may have a number of lift truck operators so it may make sense to consider having an in-house capability to train lift truck operators. This accredited course is designed to instil solid principles of practical and theory-based training and is offered at two levels; a novice course for those new to instructing others (10 days) and a requalification course (3-5 days dependent on the number of participants) for existing instructors who must demonstrate they remain competent to instruct to current standards.

Train the Trainer: Mechanical Handling Equipment
The ideal solution for organisations wanting in-house capability to train lift truck operators and to manage lift truck operations. This five day, cost-effective course will equip staff with the skills and knowledge to develop and deliver practical training sessions, reducing dependency on outsourcing some training needs.

Our courses are accredited by the Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR) or the National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS). ITSSAR has been improving training standards since 1991 and has vast knowledge and expertise in a broad range of mechanical handling equipment. They recognise, approve and accredit a full range of courses throughout the UK. NPORS was established in 1992 and is one of the UK’s leading accreditation and registration bodies, working across the construction, industrial, utilities, warehousing and distribution, agricultural, ports and marine sectors.

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