PETA celebrates 96% BCS pass rates

96% BCS pass rates

PETA Training has incorporated BCS-accredited modules into some of their ICT apprenticeships with overall pass rates for the assessments recently revealed as a whopping 96%.

PETA has been working in partnership with BCS since May 2017 to provide learners with the additional advantage of a BCS qualification as part of their apprenticeship. The BCS is the Chartered Institute for IT, their purpose being ‘to promote and advance the education and practice of computing for the benefit of the public’.

Having a BCS qualification as part of an apprenticeship is valuable because it covers essential skills, is a prestigious accolade that’s transferable and will look great on the apprentice’s CV.

BCS are a charity with a royal charter, an agenda to support the people who work in IT and to lead the industry through its ethical challenges. They have 68,000 members and chartered professional, and 250,000 professional certifications have been awarded across the industry since their inception 60 years ago.

The following PETA apprenticeships have elements within them that are accredited by BCS:

  • Digital Marketer Level 3 - Principles of Coding
  • Network Engineer Level 4 - Network Principles and Networks Systems and Architecture
  • Infrastructure Technician Level 3 - Cloud Services
  • Software Development Technician Level 3  - Programming and Software Development Context and Methodologies

The assessment for these BCS modules is an online multiple choice exam. PETA’s results are extremely impressive, especially compared to the national average.

  • Network Principles average score elsewhere is 58%
  • Networks Systems and Architecture - 47%
  • Cloud Services - 89%
  • Programming - 78%
  • Software Development Context and Methodologies - 75%

A bit about our apprenticeships:

Digital Marketer:

This apprenticeship will give your employee the knowledge and confidence to generate more customers, increase your digital presence and create business opportunities. They will cover many topics including writing for the web and social media, email marketing techniques, solving technical problems, search engine optimisation, web analytics and metrics and maintaining website security.

Network Engineer Level 4:

This programme will enable your apprentice to support communication networks within or between organisations, providing high levels of operational support in order to maximise performance and systems availability for their users. This is a very broad programme but a few of the elements they will study includes: installing and configuring network components, using diagnostic tools to diagnose network performance issues, system upgrades, and responding to network service calls, providing technical network support to end users as required.

Infrastructure Technician Level 3:

Keeping your IT infrastructure running and supporting end users is a vital component of day-to-day business functions. Your apprentice will be able to fulfil these duties and more. They will learn: maintenance processes and applying them in working practices, networking skills necessary to maintain a secure network, operating systems, Cloud and Cloud Services, and coding and logic to name a few.

Software Development Technician Level 3:

Your Software Development Technician will work as part of a team, building software components to be used as part of larger software development projects. During this programme your apprentice will learn: to write simple code for discrete software components, apply industry-standard approaches for configuration management and version control, follow organisational and industry good coding practices, solve logical problems, and develop user interfaces.

Discover the range of ICT apprenticeships that PETA offers and come and see us at our Apprenticeship Open Day on 23 August.

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