New generation of Apprentices in good hands

Those receiving their GCSE results this week will be considering their next step on the road to their career. Portsmouth has a great track record of providing Apprenticeships, as current Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Frank Jonas, a former Apprentice himself believes; “Self-confidence and self-esteem is really important in the work place and that is what an Apprenticeship gives you. ”PETA, an Apprenticeships provider in Portsmouth, has been providing Apprenticeships for over 45 years in the city and has worked with 500 Apprentices in the last six months.

Jan May, Employer Engagement Manager at PETA said “The fact that we are able to help employers grow by bringing fresh talent and ideas, whilst offering young people the chance to get on the career ladder and learn workplace skills is fantastic! We usually have over 30 Apprenticeship vacancies on our website at any given time, covering a range of job roles from Business, Engineering through to Marketing, Customer Services and IT. An Apprenticeship gives so many benefits including work experience, industry contacts, a paid job and being surrounded by experts in your field.”

For young people, aged 16+, an Apprenticeship gives them the chance to earn while they learn, gaining valuable experience with on-the-job training.

Some facts:

  • 71% of Apprentices stay with the same employer
  • 82% said their Apprenticeship had improved their ability to do the job
  • 79% said that their career prospects had improved


Case Study:   From Apprentice to Engineering Manager 

Matt Williams, Engineering Manager at Hi-tech Precision Engineering based in Waterlooville, Hampshire. 

Matt started his career as an Engineering Apprentice with PETA in 2006 and today he is the Engineering Manager at Hi-tech Precision Engineering and look sfater their new Apprentices.

We asked Matt about his career trajectory to date…

How did you find out about Apprenticeships?

My uncle recommended PETA. He’s a CAD Engineer in London.

When did you become an Apprentice?

In 2006 when I was 16.

What did you enjoy about it?

Learning a trade and earning money at the same time. Working with skilled Engineers from the start, I was able to pick up all the best advice and techniques.

How did it lead to your current role? 

I left Hi-tech after my Apprenticeship and worked as an offline programmer for a company called Quick Tools for Mercedes F1 racing for a year. I was then offered a position at High Tech as the Engineering Manager and so came full circle. 

What do you like about your current role?

I enjoy the responsibility and getting involved in technical discussions and meetings with other Engineers. The role includes a lot of problem solving with Research and Development work for the Oil and Gas sector.  It is always interesting. I also enjoy looking after our Apprentices and seeing them develop new skills and confidence. 

What advice would you give other people who were thinking about an Apprenticeship?

Do it, it’s the best path to a career in my opinion. I am now studying a part-time degree at Portsmouth University and at 25 years old, I own my own house. I recommend this to be the better path compared to the school – college – University option. I believe I’m in a much better financial position, as well as having nine years of hands-on experience on my CV. The experience you get as an Apprentice is invaluable in the industry.


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