Your feedback is very important to us as it tells us how well we deliver our programmes and how satisfied you are with the service we provide. By completing this survey you will help us identify any improvements to ensure you have the best experience possible whilst training with us. Please answer the questions honestly and be assured that any comment or answer you give will be treated confidentially.

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BKSB Assessment

We use BKSB Assessments to help us provide you with training at the right level appropriate to your needs. Therefore, when working your way through the Assessment you should spend time on each question and consider carefully your answers. If you require support in completing these Assessments then please do contact us or speak with the PETA representative showing you how to complete the Assessment.

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If you need any help in completing our surveys for assessments please do not hesitate to ask by either speaking with your Trainer/Assessor or by calling us on 023 9253 8700.

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