First Aid Training Courses

Be prepared for accidents and emergencies

We offer a comprehensive range of first aid training to enable you to provide immediate care in the event of an accident or an emergency.

First aid can prevent minor injuries and illnesses from becoming more serious and has the potential to save lives. Depending on company size, employers have certain obligations when it comes to health and safety at work. PETA can help you navigate these requirements to understand which training course would be best for you and your team. 

We can also develop bespoke training programmes that are personalised to your business or organisation’s requirements and desired outcomes.

What are the benefits of first aid training?
  • First aid can saves lives
  • Become more confident in the event of accidents and emergencies
  • Attain an awareness of how to manage emergencies effectively
  • Get the tools you need to prevent situations from becoming worse
  • Comply with health and safety regulations
  • Keep your employees safe
Why choose PETA?

50 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: With more than 50 years of experience in the corporate training sector, you can rely on PETA to help your business reach its full potential.

AWARD-WINNING TRAINING: We're certified to a number of standards and awards for the delivery of quality corporate training.

PROVEN TRACK RECORD: We're proud of the accreditations and partnerships we've achieved with industry-awarding bodies.

COST EFFECTIVE: We pride ourselves on providing solutions for your business that present value and contribute towards your company's success.

"Great training provider for local businesses."

Richie Williams