Technical Skills / Computer Applications, Software and Infrastructure

MTA Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS (98-383)


Proof of ability to work with HTML5 and CSS3

Course overview

People who wish to learn to recognize and write syntactically correct HTML and CSS, structure data using HTML elements, and create and apply styles using CSS.

  • HTML Fundamentals
  • CSS Fundamentals
  • Structure Documents Using HTML
  • Present Multimedia Using HTML
  • Style Web Pages Using CSS

Course benefits

Supporting teams who are more adept in programming to meet the business needs, reducing the need to ‘buy-in’ external support to deliver programming activities.

Please note

Candidates are expected to have some hands-on experience with HTML and CSS, be familiar with their features and capabilities, and understand how to write, debug, and maintain well-formed HTML and CSS code.

Course dates and fees

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Assessment & accreditation

A multiple choice exam can be taken on the final day of the course or within two weeks.

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