Technical Skills / Lift Truck and Mechanical Handling

Managing Lift Truck Operations


Promoting safe practice through building logistics operational leaders confidence

Course overview

All too often businesses invest in training their lift truck operators, but overlook training their Supervisors and Managers as to how to manage materials handling operations. This oversight can lead to product and property damage and the risk of injury to plant operators and pedestrians. This course is designed to give those with the responsibility for lift truck operations and operators an understanding of their statutory responsibilities with regard to managing operations within their working environment

Introduction to course Hazards associated with lift truck equipment Types of accidents that occur Truck stability – safe working loads Approved Code of Practice P.U.W.E.R. and L.O.L.E.R. Inspections of workplace Practical fault finding

This course complies with the recommendations of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE)’s Approved Code of Practice and Guidance for rider-operated lift trucks, operator training and safe use (L117).

Course benefits

Ensuring all staff understand their responsibilities with health and safety legislation with regards to lift truck operations. Managers and Supervisors will recognise the importance of leading best practice with lift truck activities. An organisation will be able to recognise potential hazards and identify precautions to improve health and safety management

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Assessment & accreditation

Specific attention will be given to ensure where lift truck operators drive infrequently, supervisors and managers extend the necessary support to ensure operators are confident in doing what is asked of them. The other key consideration is ensuring log books are seen by supervisors and actioned as appropriate.

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