Professional Skills / Management and Leadership

Organisational Change Management


Maintain your competitive edge to meet the ever-changing needs of customers

Course overview

Change is the constant in today’s business world and agile organisations regularly recognise, plan and implement change in order to stay ahead. If change programmes fail to achieve their intended outcomes, the consequences can be costly and devastating to a business. This course will equip people with the knowledge and skills to plan, manage and implement a programme of change.

  • Change Management case studies
  • The psychology of change and how it impacts people.
  • Gain staff ‘buy in’ to change
  • Develop skills for effectively communicating change
  • Identify and overcome obstacles to changes
  • Plan, communicate and manage change through an 8-step process

Course benefits

Develop an agile and responsive workforce that is open minded to change and will look to be ambassadors for the organisation so that they plan and implement change successfully while managing the change in good time to minimise risks to the organisation.

Course dates and fees

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