Employee Charter

Our guiding principles for staff engagement and business success is based on creating a culture of shared beliefs and values such as trust, inclusion, listening, being innovative and responsive to the needs of our learners, employers, stakeholders and colleagues. We are, therefore, committed to upholding these guiding principles and nurturing a work ethic where our people can share in those values and contribute to a safe working environment.

As a Company, we will
  • Deliver excellent leadership and consistent management supported by regular, open and honest communication
  • Engender a culture of cooperation, respect, fairness and trust to all our colleagues
  • Build talent through encouraging joint ownership for skill and career development
  • Promote innovation and use of initiative to solve problems and improve what we do
  • Extend mentoring and coaching support to enable staff to achieve the highest standards of performance
  • Create an environment which is free from artificial barriers, discrimination, anti-social behaviour, bullying or harassment.
  • Offer equal recognition for the achievement of both individual and team effort
  • Empower people to be responsible and to take decisions to influence the achievement of our business goals
  • Provide honest and candid feedback regarding personal performance, actions and behavior
  • Employ an open door policy at all levels, where our people are free to express their views, ideas or concerns
We expect staff to:
  • Take pride in working for the Company and abide by its policies, procedures and values
  • Have understanding of, and commitment to, the aims of the Company
  • Work with us to provide a safe working and learning environment
  • Take responsibility for personal performance, quality of work, personal development and career advancement
  • Challenge themselves to embrace change as an opportunity to be innovative and get better at what we do
  • Be sensitive, responsive, and professional with our stakeholders, particularly employers and learners
  • Demonstrate respect and concern for colleagues
  • Strive to be the best through continuous development
  • Be honest, open and work in the best interests of the company

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