Employer Charter

Our commitment

As an employer-led organisation, we are committed to the delivery of outstanding training and exceptional service, supported by first class training environments that enable client companies to develop their employees, improve their performance and advance their business.

To uphold our commitment, we will:
  • Respond promptly to all incoming phone calls during office hours * 
  • Provide a dedicated point of contact, responsible for each enquiry 
  • Work with you to analyse and define your needs and required outcomes 
  • Present proposals that are clear, relevant and contain defined outcomes 
  • Offer flexible and responsive approaches to delivering our services
  • Where possible, refer you to other providers if we are not best placed to meet your needs
  • Provide access to facilities that are well equipped and professionally run
  • Create an environment that is safe, where everyone is treated equally and with respect
  • Deliver creative and innovative learning through our professionally qualified staff 
  • Monitor and review progress and the overall impact of service delivery 
  • Give you the opportunity to provide feedback on our service delivery
  • Act on that feedback to improve and develop our service delivery

We ask employers to:
  • Ensure learners are given access to agreed learning programmes 
  • Inform us of changes that may prevent us from delivering the agreed service 
  • Inform us of learner disabilities/circumstances that may influence participation in their learning 
  • Extend respect to our staff who will always endeavour to meet your needs 
  • Inform a member of staff if there are any issues or concerns about our service delivery
  • Comply with our payment terms and conditions 

Our continuing commitment to you

Our employer charter explains our commitment to you. We value every employer and we want to know when we get things right and equally, when things don’t go to plan and we welcome compliments, commendations and complaints equally.

Contact us

* Our main office hours at 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday. To get in touch with us you can:

Call us: 023 9253 8700
Email us: enquire@peta.co.uk
Write to us: PETA Limited, 1 Access Point, Northarbour Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire  PO6 3TE

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