Customer Service and Sales Advisory and Consultancy Services

The range of learning and development initiatives that PETA are able to deliver is not just restricted to formal training.  To meet the requirements of our customer base an extensive advisory and consultancy service is also available.  This service delivers a customised package of support centred around the specific needs of the business.   Our team of highly trained consultants will work with you to identify the right package to support your business. Below are just a few examples of our work. 

Mystery Shop

Delivering excellence in customer service is critical to your company image, branding and customer retention. Whilst your company commitment and values may express what you aspire to, are you confident that your people actually deliver on that promise?  Our mystery shop service enables you to secure the critical eye of an experienced customer and sales focussed professional, who will conduct a blend of agreed activities to test how well your service matches up to your expectations and work with you to develop and deliver on your customer service commitment.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customers offer a life time of value to your business, yet how often do we actually take that into consideration when planning our marketing activities?  The starting point is to understand the journey in the first instance, recognising the ‘touch points’ in the customer journey; the significance, priority and impact of each stage.   Working with your customer service teams, our professionals will map the journey, highlight inefficiencies and identify ways to make the process lean and slick, whilst building the integrity of great service and critical outputs along the way.  By including teams in the mapping process, you will gain commitment, ‘buy-in’ and the drive needed to actually put improvements in place.

Customer and Sales Dashboard Metrics

Measure twice, cut once!  Metrics are essential to measuring business performance at individual, team or business level. Placing key performance indicators (KPIs) into context makes them meaningful and, when presented well, will allow users to instantly understand the significance of the information.  We offer a tailored service to support you in developing and presenting metrics through the dashboards, thus creating a system that allows accurate measurement and provides significant business critical data that is used to inform future decisions and manage performance.

Service Excellence Coaching

Ensuring that every customer or client is provided that extra level of ‘celebrity’ service is essential for business development and customer retention.  Every customer’s value of spend should be viewed as priceless, and as a result, each and every individual within the business should treat them as such.  Working with your teams we will look at the key factors in delivering service excellence and how we can make the differences to key ‘touch points’.  We will coach individuals over a period of time to ensure that there is a clear and concise action plan in place to help them develop their service excellence skills.


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