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In certain instances, PETA are required to design a HR Consultancy solution based around a particular project that will have key outcomes connected to it.  This will generally include the development and creation of specific documents that relate directly to, and have an impact on, the organisation.

Our HR Consultancy Services cover a wide scope of activities and the following provides a snapshot of the most popular areas where assistance is usually requested:

Employee Handbooks

Often previously seen as a luxury, Employee Handbooks are now fundamental in ensuring you have the right framework and processes in place to manage your workforce, regardless of its size.  They set clear and comprehensive boundaries for your employees and provide information for you and your managers, therefore aiding performance management and productivity.  Working with you to understand the unique nature of your business, our consultants draft a comprehensive Employee Handbook with the right emphasis for you and your employees taking account of current Employment Legislation.

Zero Hours Contracts

If drafted appropriately zero hours contracts have the benefit of providing a flexible workforce who can be managed effectively.  The legal status of ‘casual’ workers is often forgotten and brings with it risks to your business.  Our HR Consultants can draft and assist in the implementation of suitable contracts ensuring they are future proof!

Redundancy and Termination

Unfortunately there are times when you need to remove an employee from your business, whether it is as a result of downsizing or for misconduct issues in the workplace.  We can assist you in determining the right, legally robust, process for making this happen, minimising any risk you might be exposed to whilst treating your employees in a professional and supportive way.  Our services range from providing you with appropriate documentation and information through to attending meetings with you when you need that support.

Settlement Agreements

There are times when, for whatever reason, you just need to remove someone from your business in a swift and cost effective manner.  We can support your business in advising on the likely cost and process to do this.  If you then decide to proceed, we can act as your HR consultant in drafting a suitable and legally robust Settlement Agreement along with advisory letters, scripts and / or attendance at meetings as required.

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