Business Improvement Consultancy Services

Our services cover a wide scope of activities and can be tailored to ensure they support and enhance your business priorities, providing you with a tangible return on investment. The following provides a snapshot of the most popular areas where assistance is usually requested:

Waste Walk and Process Identification

Our highly professional team will firstly undertake a ‘Waste Walk’ of the designated areas of the business, collecting current information whilst walking along the actual pathway of material, process and information flow.  The Waste Walk Exercise will highlight value add and non-value add areas of the business and will allow the team to process map the current state, identify opportunities for reducing waste and create an Action Plan to take the process to the future state.

LEAN Champions

Ensuring that you have the right people supporting any initiative is vital to its success. Implementing a change in culture to support a LEAN environment will require champions from within the business. PETA are able to assist in successfully identifying and implementing support services that will create LEAN champions, who will act as ambassadors for continuous improvement, driving ongoing business change, developing their knowledge of LEAN methodology.      

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a business improvement process that offers a pragmatic framework for delivering improved customer satisfaction and significant financial savings for a business. It can be applied to any company or process whether manufacturing or service based. Developed in 1986 by Motorola, Six Sigma seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects and errors within business processes.

Six Sigma can deliver significant improvements in sales and profitability from . . .

  • Improved quality and process capability
  • Reduction in product variation and defects
  • Alignment of people and business objectives
  • Better customer relationships  

Six Sigma is made up of various different levels and PETA are able to support businesses with the creation and application of these programmes.

Six Sigma – Yellow Belt Training

Yellow Belt training is the first level of training in Six Sigma. Yellow Belts are individuals often responsible for the implementation of improvements identified by the Six Sigma process. It is vital that organisations implementing Six Sigma have a culture of improvement and a fundamental understanding of how improvements are identified, implemented and monitored.

Six Sigma – Green Belt Training

Green Belt is the second level of training, applicable to anyone where process improvement forms a significant part of their role. These individuals are process champions, continually analysing and measuring business processes and looking to eliminate defects and inefficiencies. Perhaps they are managers of an operational or production team, or an individual charged with the duties of process management.

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