Apprenticeship Reforms – From Frameworks to Standards

One of the key changes in the Apprenticeship Reforms which began in April 2017 is the move from Apprenticeship Frameworks to the new Apprenticeship Standards. Many of the new Standards are available now and PETA is committed to delivering these Standards from this September.  All existing framework which have not already been replaced will continue until 2020.

More Flexibility for Employers

The new Standards have been developed by employers, the idea being that employers are more able to capture the skills and experience needed to enable Apprentices to become productive long term employees. The Standards generally cover the same ground as the Frameworks but are more flexible in approach so that companies can tailor them to more specifically match their workforce development needs.

Qualifications have become non mandatory

Standards are not bound by the need to deliver a set qualification at the end of the Apprenticeship and so offer much greater flexibility to employers. Unless a qualification is written into a Standard, for example, the IT Network Engineer have a mandatory Vendor or Professional Qualification written into them, Employers and training providers can choose to add any relevant qualification– such as a Technical Certificate, NVQ, or combined qualifications or develop a programme without a qualification included within it.  Wherever appropriate and with the agreement of the employer, PETA will always look to include a recognised qualification as part of the apprenticeship.

End Point Assessment

The way in which Apprenticeship Standards are assessed is one of the most significant changes from Frameworks, the Frameworks have ongoing assessment during the Apprenticeship but the new Standards includes a mandatory independent End Point Assessment.

Towards the end of the Apprenticeship both the Employer and the Training Provider will need to sign off the Apprentice as ready for their End Point Assessment.

 What’s on Offer for Apprentices and Employers?

Currently PETA’s offer is centred on the new standards and where possible this will be our first choice and strong recommendation.  However, where a new standard is not yet available we will continue to deliver the old frameworks.

Apprenticeship Standards on offer with PETA


Customer Service Practitioner Level 2


Team Leader/ Supervisor Level 3

Operations/ Department Manager Level 5


Product Design and Development Technician Level 3

Machinist Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Level 3

Technical Support Level 3

Toolmaker Tool and Die Maintenance Technician Level 3

Maintenance Operations Engineering Technician Level 3

Welding Level 2

Welding Level 3


Infrastructure Technician Level 3

Network Engineer Level 4

Software Development Technician Level 3

Unified Communications Technician Level 3

Data Analyst Level 4

Digital Marketer Level 3


Apprenticeship Frameworks on offer with PETA


Diploma in Customer Service Level 3

Diploma in Business Administration Level 2

Diploma in Business Administration Level 3


Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) Level 2

Engineering Installation and Commissioning Level 3




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