IT Surgeries at your workplace

Could your employees be getting more from Microsoft?

A brilliant concept in getting more from your IT, enabling employees to have access to a Microsoft expert who can advise them on their specific tasks.

Our Microsoft expert will come to your site and hold ‘one-to-one’ 60 minute surgeries with individuals, mentoring them on their use of Microsoft Applications such as Word or Excel.

Your employees will gain skills in the areas that are causing them the most difficulty therefore becoming more productive as a result. This boost to your employees skills can resolve knowledge gaps that may be having a negative impact on your employees confidence, accuracy and speed. 

How will IT surgeries benefit my business?

People are often ‘self-taught’ when it comes to Microsoft applications and whilst this can work, the features and smart tools in the applications are unused because people just don’t know about them.  The surgery enables a review of how people are using applications with the trainer being able to identify short cuts and automation that will improve the output. This could include:

  •  Increased knowledge of what is available in the application to automate and simplify document creation
  • Cutting the time taken to complete a task through users being able to competently utilise time saving tools effectively
  • Increases the ability to work smartly, avoiding duplication and errors
  • Improving the quality of documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoints 
  • Mailboxes and calendars being used more effectively to manage information, contacts and plan appointments

How do we book an IT Surgery?

  • Tell us the current version of Microsoft application being used on site
  • Book our IT Trainer for a full or half day (they come to your site)
  • Allocate time slots for 60 minutes ‘surgeries’ 
  • Your employees book their preferred time slot (one per time slot)
  • The IT trainer will work with your employees on any key learning points they may need

This hands on approach delivers a nimble solution to increasing IT skills, at a very competitive rate allowing up to seven users to benefit from one-to-one tutorials with the trainer (based on a full day on site):


Member rates:
Half day 3 x 60 minute surgeries £300.00  
Full day: 7x 60 minute surgeries £563.00

Non Member rates:
Half day 3x 60 minute surgeries £356.00  
Full day: 7 x 60 minute surgeries £668.00

Travel is charged at 45p per mile. Fees are subject to VAT.


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