Apprentice Mentoring Workshop


How to mentor your PETA apprentices to success

Who is it for?

**This workshop is only available to those organisations who have recruited a PETA apprentice.** Apprentices really do make a difference to business, making the organisation more effective, productive and competitive by addressing your skills gaps directly. An Apprentice is also a member of your workforce and a part of your most important and expensive asset. It is, therefore, vital that your Apprentice is supported right from the start and given ample opportunity to fully develop their skills in order for you to see a notable return on your investment. Providing a mentor, with the right skills and knowledge, to provide this support will ensure this happens. This workshop is aimed at individuals who have responsibility for supporting a PETA apprentice throughout their apprenticeship. Whether the individual is new to mentoring or would like to attend as a refresher, this workshop is essential.

Business benefits
  • Have a good knowledge of apprenticeships and how they work
  • Be equipped with the skills and knowledge to successfully mentor an Apprentice
  • Understand how the apprentice, mentor and Training Provider relationship works
Course overview
  • An Introduction to Apprenticeships
    • What are Apprenticeships?
    • What are the benefits of an Apprenticeship?
  • What do Apprenticeships involve?
    • The Role of the Workplace Mentor
    • What is a Mentor?
    • The mentoring relationship
    • What does a Workplace Mentor do?
    • What skills and qualities does a Workplace Mentor need?
    • GROW model for business coaching
    • How people learn
  • Induction for Apprentices
    • Safety, health and environment
    • Personal information
    • Company information
    • Employment rights and responsibilities
    • Health, safety and welfare of Apprentices
    • Safeguarding
  • Working with PETA Limited
    • Training plans
    • The assessment process
    • Reviewing and recording progress
    • Providing witness testimonies

Please note

Member companies are eligible for one free place per year for this course when recruiting a PETA apprentice.

On demand course available

This course is available on demand and dates are available on application, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Group discounts are available for this course

Take advantage of these discounts when booking this course;

  • 5% off for 2-3 people
  • 8% off for 4-5 people
  • 12% off for 6 or more people
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