Effective Sales Calls: The Perfect Planning Workshop


Change the way you plan your sales calls forever

Who is it for?

Pre-calling planning is more than having driving directions and a phone number to call in case you get lost. However, with the rigors and pace of day-to-day work, vital call planning is so often missing. Few are doing the preparation they need in order to plan to make a productive call. You can practice and learn how to smoothly steer a qualified sales call, to build value an help your customer to buy.

Business benefits
  • Dramatically reduce time wasted on non-value-added sales activities
  • Develop successful sales habits
  • Reduce time spent on costly objections and negotiations
Course overview
  • Why we need to build value in a sales call
    • What happens when we don’t?
    • What happens when we do?
  • The importance of good questioning
    • Questioning types and when to use them
    • The questioning funnel and how to use if effectively
  • The importance of supporting information and knowledge in building value
    • How to use this during the sales conversation
  • Role play practice

Sponsored option

This course is available as a company sponsored event, delivered at a location, date and time which is mutually agreed. The fees for this event vary depending on the location, number attending and the level of training required and the degree of customisation. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

On demand course available

This course is available on demand and dates are available on application, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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