Ten Minute Performance Conversations


Conversations for busy Managers that impact behaviour and results

Who is it for?

Performance conversations are daily activities where Managers enhance team members skills through coaching and mentoring. The skill is to understand exactly what is causing the gap in performance and to provide the right level of support and challenge to close it. This will create a renewed motivation and drive in each team member to work to their full potential.

Business benefits
  • Mould a high performing team culture
  • Discover and utilize hidden resources and abilities within your team
  • Focus your time on valued added tasks by encouraging staff to find their own solutions
Course overview
  • Effective conversations
    • Why are daily effective performance management conversations so crucial?
    • The role of the manager and the team member in performance conversations
    • Support challenge matrix
  • What is going on?
    • Conducting performance conversations where both parties are resourceful
    • Balancing the need between challenge and support to drive performance
    • Learn how to approach conversations with a “strong back and soft front”
  • What to say?
    • Identify if this is a feedback, coaching or teaching moment
    • The 3-step process for providing feedback
    • Coaching moments
  • How to say it?
    • The three behaviours to conduct a quality conversation
  • Transfer back to the workplace
    • How to create a new habit

Sponsored option

This course is available as a company sponsored event, delivered at a location, date and time which is mutually agreed. The fees for this event vary depending on the location, number attending and the level of training required and the degree of customisation. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

On demand course available

This course is available on demand and dates are available on application, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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