Safety, Health and Environment Technician Level 3

Setting the health and safety standard for your business

Who is it for?

Those providing advice and guidance to others at work, on health, safety and environmental (SHE) issues; supporting the development of SHE management systems and compliance with legislation.

Course Details

  • Duration: 24 Months
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This apprenticeship develops essential knowledge, skills, and behaviours in:

  • SHE Management systems
  • Hazards and risks
  • Inspections and monitoring systems
  • Accident/ incidents management
  • SHE advice and practical assistance
  • Promoting a safety culture


  • Programme induction
  • Day release training off-the-job
  • Work based training on-the-job
  • Progress Reviews
  • Regular coaching and mentoring
  • Preparation for Gateway and End Point Assessment (EPA)

Within this apprenticeship there is an expectation that 20% of the teaching, learning and development will be undertaken through off-the-job training. 

Course Overview


The SHE Technician will be able to:

  • Present and hold an audience’s attention
  • Assist the management team in the development, management, implementation and monitoring of the Safety, Health and Environmental Management System
  • Provide advice on the practical implementation of the company’s SHE policies and processes
    Identify the hazards and evaluate:
    • workplace instructions
    • working practices
    • aspects of the individual’s job
    • harmful working practices and work that present the highest risks
    • how to deal with hazards in accordance with workplace instructions and legal requirements
  • Support the practical application of the workplace instructions
  • Support and assist in the implementation of SHE inspections and monitoring systems
  • Undertake and/or assist with the monitoring, analysis of and reporting of SHE performance.
  • Prepare and maintain records relating to safety, health and environmental matters that comply with legal and workplace requirements
  • Assist the management team in establishing, managing and maintaining relationships with external stakeholders
  • Research Safety, Health and Environmental Issues and best practices.
  • Assist and/or manage the investigation of accidents, incidents, dangerous occurrences, near misses and other incidents as directed.
  • Recognise where decisions have a financial cost and assisting to develop a budget.
  • Recognise situations where the activity will benefit from contributions and expertise of other internal departments


The apprentice will know:

  • The moral reasons for good safety, health and environmental working practices,
  • The statutory health, safety and environmental legislation and sources of associated guidance and information applicable to their working environment. E.g. Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, Management at Work Regulations 1999, Environmental Protection Act 1990, Environment Act 1995.
  • How a SHE Management system works, the range of standards which a typical HSE professional would be involved with e.g. OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and if applicable how these are applied in their working environment.
  • Appropriate methods for identifying, evaluating and controlling hazards relevant to their workplace. E.g. 5 steps to Risk Assessment and involving people who are experienced in the activity.
  • The range of work activities in a given situation and identify how to prioritise and scope out the hazards with the potential to cause harm and/or loss.
  • The difference between occupational hygiene, health surveillance and health and wellbeing campaigns and methods for implementing these in the workplace.
  • How to plan and have systems in place to manage change during an activity relevant to the working environment.
  • How people think and why they make decisions which can lead to risk, how behaviours can be used, the components of a behavioural program and potential blockers to the successful implementation of a behavioural programme.
  • How to plan for Safety, Health or Environmental emergencies – e.g. accidents, exposure to hazardous substances, fire, pollution.
  • Theories for incident causation and prevention such as James Reason’s Swiss Cheese model, Heinrich and Hertzberg theories (Domino, Competency Matrix) including behavioural considerations and implications on business risk (fines, reputation, lost work etc).
  • How to write and present a business justification e.g. cost/bene
  • fit analysis to influence managers


The SHE Technician will show how they:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Work effectively in a team
  • Contribute to a positive SHE culture
  • Drive Innovation
  • Use their Professional Judgement
  • Apply the code of ethics
  • Commit to equality and diversity
  • Continue their professional development

  • Portfolio submission
  • Knowledge assessment exam
  • Work project and presentation of the work project
  • Professional discussion

Link to Professional Registration

Upon completion learners will be able to join the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) at TechIOSH level. They will also be eligible to join the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) at Affiliate level.

Course Dates

October 2019

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