Software Developer Level 4


Building and testing high-quality code across front end, logic and database layers

Who is it for?

The primary role of a software developer is to build and test high-quality code across front end, logic and database layers. A developer will typically be working as part of a larger team, in which they will have responsibility for some of the straightforward elements of the overall project. The developer will need to be able to interpret design documentation and specifications as defined by the customer requirements.

You need to be aged 16 and over with preferably 4 GCSEs at grade C / 4 or higher including Maths and English.

What will I learn?

Whilst undertaking this apprenticeship you will gain a wealth of knowledge and skills undertaking a key role within your company.

  • Industry qualification training covering:
    • Scrum Master training (5 days – aligned to qualification, exam chargeable)
    • PETA Software Development Fundamentals (5 days)
    • PETA Software Context and Methodologies (5 days)
    • PETA Programming (5 days)
    • 10 Technical Training Days
  • English Functional Skills Level 2 (if required)
  • Maths Functional Skills Level 2 (if required)

When can I start?

Right now! Our apprenticeships team work with local employers to make apprenticeships available throughout the year. New vacancies are added to the PETA website every week and it’s really easy to apply - so why wait?

Course Overview

This apprenticeship develops the Duties, Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours in the following areas:  

  • Interpret development requirements to estimate time required to deliver the work product to enable accurate costs to be established
  • Break activities down into logical units of work to enable sequencing
  • Ensure the best possible structuring of activities to deliver a high-quality product
  • Report progress accurately throughout the SDLC to ensure adequate audit trails
  • Identify and report any impediments to development activities and propose practical solutions
  • Convert customer requirements into technical requirements, both functional and non-functional
  • Identify and select the most appropriate technical solution, considering coding best practice
  • Communicate solutions to a range of stakeholders showing clear understanding of requirements
  • Consider security implications of proposed design from inception and throughout the process
  • Write logical and maintainable solutions to meet the design and organisational coding standards
  • Create and maintain appropriate project documentation to explain the development process
  • Apply recovery techniques to ensure the software solution being developed is not lost
  • Implement appropriate change control so changes may be tracked, and quality risks managed
  • Undertake unit testing of solutions, with appropriate coverage, to identify and resolve issues
  • Support delivery of one or more software deployment phases, such as trials and final release
  • Provide customer support, so they can correctly use the product, with risks mitigated
  • Respond to SLAs to ensure that time and resources are allocated to deliver good customer service
  • Apply suitable 'bug fix', appropriate to the severity and priority of the software development issue
Additional Information

During your apprenticeship you will receive:

  • An induction to the programme to make you feel welcome and to help you understand how the apprenticeship works
  • Day release training at our Training Centre to help build your knowledge and skills
  • Training in the workplace to help you learn the job role and to become a valued member of the team
  • Regular progress reviews to help with your development and to ensure you remain on track to successfully complete your apprenticeship

The vast majority of your learning will be undertaken whilst you are working. In order to successfully achieve the apprenticeship 20% of the teaching, learning and development will be undertaken through off-the-job training which takes place at our PETA Training Centre in Cosham, Portsmouth.