Operations / Department Manager Level 5


Who is it for?

Practising middle managers and those aspiring to senior management who want to develop their core management skills such as managing resources, recruitment and information management.

You need to be supported by your employer and typically you will have a Grade C / 4 or higher in at least 5 GCSE's including English and Maths.

What will I learn?

Whilst undertaking this apprenticeship you will gain a wealth of knowledge and skills undertaking a key role within your company. In addition you will achieve the following qualifications:

  • CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership
  • English Functional Skills Level 2 (If required)
  • Maths Functional Skills Level 2 (If required)

When can I start?

This apprenticeship can only be undertaken by those who are already employed in a managerial role and meet the criteria above.

Course Overview

Knowledge and Skills
Organisational Performance

  • Operational management
    • Approaches and models
    • Creating plans to deliver objectives and setting KPIs
    • Business development tools and approaches to continuous improvement
    • Operational business planning techniques
    • Management systems, processes and contingency planning
    • Initiate and manage change
    • Data security/management
    • Input into strategic planning and create plans in line with organisational objectives
    • Support, manage and communicate change
    • Demonstrate commercial awareness, identify and shape new opportunities
  • Project management
    • Plan, organise and manage resources to deliver required outcomes
    • Monitor progress, identify risks and their mitigation
  • Finance
    • Monitor budgets, provide reports, taking into account financial implications

Interpersonal Excellence

  • Leading people
    • Different leadership styles
    • Motivate and improve performance
    • Organisational cultures and diversity and their impact
    • Manage change
  • Managing people
    • Managing multiple teams and develop high performing teams
    • Talent management models and how to recruit and develop people
    • Performance management techniques
  • Building relationships
    • Approaches to partner, stakeholder and supplier relationship management
    • Working collaboratively with others
    • Managing conflict at all levels
  • Communication
    • Communicate effectively (verbal, non-verbal, written, digital)
    • Chair meeting and present using a range of media
    • Active listening, able to challenge and give constructive feedback

Personal Effectiveness

  • Self awareness
    • Understand own impact and emotional intelligence
    • Different learning and behaviour styles
  • Management of self
    • Time management techniques and tools
  • Decision making
    • Problem solving and decision making techniques including data analysis
    • Organisational values and ethics and their impact on decision making


  • Takes responsibility
  • Inclusive of others and builds trust
  • Agile and responds well to feedback or the need for change
  • Professionalism
Additional Information

During your apprenticeship you will receive:

  • An induction to the programme to make you feel welcome and to help you understand how the apprenticeship works
  • Day release training at our Training Centre to help build your knowledge and skills
  • Access to CMI Management Direct online learning hub
  • Regular progress reviews to help with your development and to ensure you remain on track to successfully complete your apprenticeship

The vast majority of your learning will be undertaken whilst you are working. In order to successfully achieve the apprenticeship 20% of the teaching, learning and development will be undertaken through off-the-job training which takes place at our PETA Training Centre in Cosham, Portsmouth.