Roger Pearce

Engineering Lecturer

My passion is their positive journey

What led you to work for PETA?

Through school I excelled in English and sports. I was an active member of the school sports teams captaining many throughout my time there.  These early passions lead me to go to PE college to study administration in sport.

For the past 14 years I have worked for PETA in various roles within the engineering training department.  My experience within the Royal Navy and dealing with the new joiners I gained a passion for developing young people and guiding them along their journey.  Joining PETA was a natural step.

What is your role at PETA and what drives you to do what you do?

I am a lecturer at PETA within engineering delivering various subjects at Foundation and Development levels.  My desire and passion remain fully focused on the ‘learner journey’ and for all to have a positive experience and enjoy learning.  PETA ethos enables me to fulfil that desire.

What knowledge/experience do you draw upon for your role?

I have 27 years’ experience maintaining ships main propulsion and auxiliary systems within the Royal Navy and ensuring that they are immediately ready for all states.  The pressure and reward of this role has given me vast experience and knowledge that I want to be able to pass on to the engineers of the future.

How do you approach your role on a day-to-day basis? What skills are required?

I remember the good instructors that I have had in the past and how they shaped me as an engineer and that is how I approach each day. ‘what can I do today to make a difference’

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Family is always a priority and the pride I have as I have seen them grow into adults and parents is the strength that drives me on.

I am also a keen sailor with my own yacht, and I am often out sailing the Solent, and when I am not on the water, I can be found on the ballroom dance floor doing a waltz or tango mood dependent.

What are your personal values, and what is important to you?

Everyone can achieve their goals, however, the time it takes to travel the distance might be longer.  I am supportive, professional and above all honest with all.  Therefore I treat people as I expect to be treated.