Linda Page

Trainer (Management and Business Training)

"Take time to build your skills and knowledge first, then find the path that is right for you. It might not be what you expected."

What led you to work for PETA?

When I left school, I completed a course in business studies and in my third job, I found my niche working in the Personnel Department of a large national retail organisation.  I gained promotion and had a wide range of responsibilities supporting and training staff.  When I left to have my son, I realised that training was where my heart lay and subsequently worked for organisations developing and delivering training programmes for apprenticeships.  I applied to PETA as it was nearer home whilst my son was growing up and the rest is history!

What is your role at PETA and what drives you to do what you do?

My primary responsibility is the development and delivery of training programmes and although I have held different roles in different areas of the business, training is what I love. I am very self-motivated to research topics, devise and update delivery sessions and this brings rewards when someone blossoms and succeeds; it’s wonderful.

What knowledge/experience do you draw upon for your role?

I have many years’ experience in business and training. Also, having held management roles previously, I find this enables me to understand business needs better and I am able to relay this to apprentices and bring subjects alive with real and relevant examples.

How do you approach your role on a day-to-day basis? What skills are required?

My training calendar is scheduled over a year ahead which reflects the up-front planning we complete for new apprentices as they start their programmes. My role as a trainer is holistic and I am continually developing and improving the content of training programmes to reflect industry requirements demanded by our employers, the needs of our learners and the qualification contents from awarding bodies. I am involved in the delivery of the business programme and also Functional Skills for maths and English.

The breadth of the business programme supports different delivery methods ranging from learners producing written work in different formats through to them giving short presentations. The learners enjoy researching topics and relating this to workplace contexts. This enables the effective transference of knowledge into practical skills which in turn enhances their performance in their job roles.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

My passion was horses and although I still have an interest, my pets are now budgies. Their antics are amusing. I also enjoy fictional writing and have attended courses. It is good to practise writing in a different genre as it stimulates ideas which I can apply to my job role.

What are your personal values, and what is important to you?

I always strive to do a good job. The work I do helps develop others in their careers and future success. That is important to me. I value honesty, commitment, hard work, caring for others, good manners and supporting people. I am generous with my time, compassion and energy.