Introduction to Basic Electrical Installation

Ideal for anyone wanting a stepping stone into the electrical installation industry

Who is it for?

This course will give you a basic working knowledge of the principles of electrical engineering and will also cover safe working practices.

What will I learn?
  • Understand the basic electrical principles and how they apply in electrical circuits
  • How to work safely and competently with electrical equipment
  • Appreciate operating techniques and recognise various symbols and icons which are important to understand

Course Overview
  • Practical application - wire an intermediate lighting circuit, a ring main circuit, a motor control circuit and wiring of junction boxes and terminals
  • Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 
  • Introduction to 17th Edition 
  • Electrical safety, safe system of work and permit to work
  • Ohms law, relationship between voltage, current and resistance and basic electrical calculations
  • AC Generation and Transformer Principles
  • AC Starters - theory of operation
  • Protection devices including fuses, MCBs, RCDs and RCCBs
  • Understanding simple electrical drawings and simple circuit diagrams
  • Identification and use of a range of electrical cables
  • Electrical systems testing – continuity, polarity, insulation resistance
  • Measurement of voltage, current and resistance
  • Basic electrical fault diagnosis
  • Earthing, bonding, insulation of electrical circuits

Course Dates
Courses commence;

9 July 2018

Company Sponsored Option

This course is also available as a company sponsored option which is for your delegates only, this is a flexible solution and can be tailored to reflect your business needs, delivered on a date, time and place to suit you - please contact us.

Group Discounts

Take advantage of these discounts when booking this course;

5% off for 2-3 people
8% off for 4-5 people
12% off for 6 or more people

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