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We are passionate about delivering the right training option so that every customer steps away from PETA delighted in the quality of services and training received. 

The following is an outline of the training options available and if you are unsure of which is the best option for you then please do contact us for a no obligation visit or discussion.

Open or public courses

Our open courses offer a wide selection of courses on specified dates throughout the year and show in the Corporate Courses section of this website.  Open courses offer an excellent learning environment, where delegates share and learn from one another alongside learning new knowledge and developing techniques that can be quickly applied to real work situations, giving great impact and return on investment.

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Sponsored or company courses

If you have a group of delegates requiring a course which is taken from our wide range of open courses, a sponsored option can be more beneficial.  We will tailor the content of the course to your needs to make it relevant to your organisation and inclusive of your aims, values, policy and practice (so making the connection between learning and business).  A sponsored course can be held at your facility or ours, and we can adjust the start and finish times to fit into your work pattern (including evenings and weekends), so the training  becomes highly personalised to your business and achieves the results you need.

Bespoke courses

This is where we start with a blank canvass and design a course totally personalised to your business requirements.  This makes the content exceedingly powerful in supporting the change you are seeking, from uplifting knowledge and growing talent, through to facilitating change in behaviours and skills leading to outputs.  Bespoke courses can combine qualification or accreditation options so can carry the credibility that is important and can combine learning methods from classroom through to outdoor activity led training.

Qualification options

Many of our courses following a set syllabus, lead to recognised qualifications; a great incentive for your people to gain formal recognition, and a brilliant indicator to your customers of the quality of knowledge and skills of your staff.  In addition, we have developed courses on behalf of our clients and have achieved approval by leading award bodies, thereby providing branded certificates for the training delivered.


An Apprenticeship is a great development tool for both new and existing staff and is fully or partially funded by the Government.  The benefits of an Apprenticeship are many, with motivated, productive and committed staff being at the top of the list.  Delivering Apprenticeships as part of your own staff development programme is  a great way to invest in your staff at very little or nil cost.

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